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Silver markets with a focus on global factors including oil and currencies. Keep yourself intelligently informed by subscribing to the Silver Forecaster, a valuable resource to stay up-to-date on all things silver. Click below to learn about our comprehensive service.


The Silver Forecaster Market Matrix is your quick technical review of the silver price and silver stocks for the coming short-, mid- and long-terms. Key technical support and resistance zones are given along with our market sentiment forecasts, keeping you updated on the quickly changing market conditions.

Silver and Platinum Price Charts: Technical analysis can be an invaluable guide for investors and traders. Every week we update our silver price charts to help build a better perspective on silver’s short- and long-term movements. Combined with our global fundamental analysis, technical insights give our readers a better idea on key support and resistance levels to watch out for, guiding their entry and exit points. Along with silver, the platinum price is also covered.

Gold & Silver Ratio: Gold and silver prices usually move in tandem, although the silver price typically exaggerates the percentage move in the gold price. There are times when market anomalies occur as well -these can reveal the extremes, which can be great opportunities in the silver market. This important relationship to gold can help us measure sentiment and adjust our precious metals exposure between gold and silver in an effort to leverage the upside in both markets and be more conservative when downside market risks grow.

Our Silver Stock Picks are choice investments in the silver market, providing our readers with excellent opportunities at the right times. Several key silver stock charts are covered each week to help give our readers a more concise technical picture on mining and exploration companies. Silver stock technical analysis provides important price levels to guide entry and exit levels.


The weekly Silver Forecaster includes updates on the market’s fundamentals, which includes the latest silver demand and supply market data, silver-related monetary news, industrial silver usage updates and more. Our weekly silver forecasts adjust accordingly to the most up-to-date fundamentals in the market.

Silver ETFs provide silver investors with guidance of institutional activities in the silver market. Since investment demand is one of the key drivers of the silver bull market, we provide a weekly review of these electronically-traded silver bullion funds.

Platinum is another precious metal with strong prospects as supply issues drive the price significantly higher. With a strong local focus on the important South African platinum market, members will be updated on the fast-paced platinum market.

global perspective

Silver is defined by a vibrant international market with strong inter-market relationships. Each week we explore all monetary, economic, political and financial news related to the silver price with a global perspective.


A sample silver stock portfolio is provided as a guide to our subscribers' portfolios. We break it down between high-risk/reward exploration and junior companies and cover the silver producers we feel are market out-performers.

WebvampAlong with the portfolio, we provide several in-depth silver stock reports each year to explore the fundamanetals behind these companies. Several of the companies are highlighted in the weekly issue where their technical data is reviewed. By visiting each company, our team of experts can assess the best picks that show the most promise. This is a valuable resource, as we take out most of the guess work, giving our readers more confidence in picking a company to invest in.


Consultation & Restructuring

Learn what you can do to protect yourself against exchange & capital controls. Restructure before major disruptions in the global economy. This service is provided through the Silver Forecaster.
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